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CEC Consulting Services

Cascade Educational Consultants (CEC) commits to a broad definition of education for all youth to succeed in school and in life, framed through democratic practices in its work.

CEC offers consultation services to schools, communities, nonprofits, foundations, associations, municipalities, nations and international collaborations to successfully implement and sustain strategies that lead to positive youth development, effective youth and adult leadership, and engagement in building democratic organizations and communities inclusive of young people.

CEC brings over 80 years of collective experience developing policies, practices and collaborations that include youth and benefit youth, organizations, communities and nations.

CEC provides:
  • Direct services and professional development to school leaders and practitioners to increase their capacity to support student achievement and success.
  • Analyses of policy options for policymakers and education leaders to co-create the conditions for effective teaching, learning, student engagement and community collaborations.
  • Assistance to state education policymakers and education leaders to create support policies and reduce policy impediments to support quality education for all students.
  • Analyses of research and effective practices to local governments, schools and school districts, nonprofits, youth serving agencies, national organizations and international collaborations to effectively engage youth in leadership and decision-making.
CEC focuses on:
  • Assisting schools and other youth serving organizations to consider both the context and content of strategies to educate, motivate and activate youth to be successful now and in the future.
  • Creating safe, high quality and democratic environments for schools and organizations to critically reflect on their strategies and progress to achieve their mission.
  • Tailoring professional development and technical assistance to assist schools and organizations to effectively educate, motivate and activate youth.
CEC facilitates:
  • Professional development in youth engagement, development and leadership.
  • Design and facilitation of educational opportunities, strategy development, and community and organizational analysis that include youth input and leadership.
  • Technical assistance and training on organizational capacity to successfully educate, motivate and activate youth.
  • Teacher and principal leadership development to effectively take responsibility for student achievement and success.
  • Professional development to assist education leaders, teachers and staff to develop and sustaining quality and effective school climate that specifically nurtures a positive, safe, caring, and learner-centered educational environment that fosters meaningful learning.
  • Evaluation of state, district and local strategies and interventions to determine the outcomes and impacts on students and how to education stakeholders can use the corresponding data and analyses to improve their practices.
  • Understanding the change process and how to leverage organizational opportunities and strategies to accelerate desired outcomes around student achievement and the development of a sense of responsibility.
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